Aegis: shield/protection

The new Carla Madison Recreation Center is a tremendous addition to the city of Denver and the

adjacent neighborhoods that will benefit. Carla was very active in the process of providing options to

keep kids from getting involved with gangs. She understood the importance of available structured

activities for kids after school and during the summer months. It is wonderful that this beautiful new

facility is named in Carla’s memory; I believe she would have been very impressed!

Enfold Variant No. 1

A free-standing piece for a private development 

in Aurora Colorado. Enfold is based on a smaller

sculpture that I had done previously for a gallery

show. The client wanted an enlarged version to be 16' tall. Overall, it provides a beacon for the site and transforms through out the day with the shadows. The piece is lit from below at night.

Deconstructed Screen

reduce (something) to its constituent parts in order to reinterpret it.

There is history to the area that should not be forgotten, with the adjacencies to the lake

and Colfax avenue (The Gateway to the West), the area has remained vital in sustaining the

community. With the redevelopment of the hospital campus, there are still fragments and

remnants that give us an indication of the areas past life. I was inspired by many of these

historical layers, so I incorporated them into the development of my design.

Conflux | Redox - RiNo Denver

This is the last neighborhood in close proximity to downtown Denver to be redeveloped. The new light rail line will improve access from downtown to the airport. The given site for the 38th & Blake Station was once rich with industry and vital to the development of the city. Although the smelting and other heavy industries are gone, there are still fragments and remnants that give us an indication of the past life. I was inspired by many of these historical layers, and incorporated them into the development of my design.

Plane of Existence - Berkeley Park

My concept was to recreate the “presence” of the historic pier with visual markers. Hand formed buoys are tethered to each pile creating the “structure” of the pier. vessels are “Suspended” between buoys and contain water lilies that have been cultivated from the original lilies of the lake. People are encouraged to “inhabit” the pier by entering the new viewing platform, making it possible to look across the surface of the lily pads and recall the presence of the original pier. 

Deconstructed Container

This installation was designed for a private development located on the historic Colfax Avenue in Denver. The client wanted to have the piece reference the "gritty" and urban qualities of the area. The container is placed on a main access path from the parking structure to the new Cinema building.

Culver City parking structure

The scope of work designated the main street facade to be dedicated for the new mural location. My concept was to provide a more human scale to the large flat surface. My approach was to apply a "painting" onto the building and have it be integrated with the architectural openings, thus providing a total composition as apposed to an after-thought application. 

Levitt Pavilion - Ruby Hill Denver


To introduce as an element or detail into a 

connected whole (usually followed by in or into):

She wove an old folk melody into her latest 

musical composition.


Of or having a light, purplish shade of blue, 

like that of a clear and unclouded sky.

Fragmentation - Red Rocks Park

The layered history of the site helped provide me with inspiration to develop my concept. I was drawn to the original inhabitants of the area knowing that they believed this region to be sacred. I have overlapped information including the musical significance of the natural amphitheater and natural geological formations along with other associated relics to help create this notion of layering. 

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