Drop Table 1
Drop Table 2
Cube Furniture 1
Cube Furniture 2
GMO bed frame 1
GMO bedframe 2
HIP Reception
HIP children's waiting
Brand Juice Reception 1
Brand Juice Reception 2
SoRo built-in 1
SoRo built-in 2
2885 Kitchen
Library Shelving 1
Library Shelving 2
Skate Cart
Side Tables
Library Furniture
Canopy Bed


Examples of furniture and custom built-in systems.

QB egg
Douglas light
Moto Lite
Moto-floor 1
Moto-floor 2
Bracket light
Spider light
Tokyo Light
Z-Teca sconce
K&A 1
K&A 2
Wing light
Egg Wall light

Light Fixtures

Examples of custom designed and fabricated light fixtures.

Bang Restaurant sign
Bang elev
Bang elev
Flower Stand
Custom solar louvre system
Candle holder
Cabin sign
Library Shelving_001
Library Shelving_002
Furniture fabrication
Steel fabrication


Examples of different product design and fabrication.

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Custom solar louvre system